What Are Some Light Meter Tips for Beginners?


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A basic step when using a hand-held light meter is to set the camera to manual mode. Choose the ISO and aperture setting. Set the ISO setting on the meter so it matches the camera setting. Hold the meter in front of the subject.

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The white dome should be facing the camera. Press the measure button. The meter gives the correct shutter speed for the shot. Make sure the camera is set to shutter priority mode and set the shutter speed to match the light meter reading. The reading remains the same until the light changes.

A hand-held meter gives precise measurement and enables the photographer to meter the background, subject and ambient light individually. When you are shooting outdoors, start by metering the sun, and then any other light source. When shooting portraits, take multiple readings on a subject’s face to gain control over what parts are lit and what stays shaded.

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