What Are the Lifetouch Photo Package Options?

What Are the Lifetouch Photo Package Options?

Lifetouch photo package options are different depending on what service is being used. Lifetouch offers photo packages for schools and communities, with different options depending on the service they are providing.

Photo packages are not the same for every group that Lifetouch services. Schools and sports teams can choose what packages they wish to offer their participants. Lifetouch offers a free directory program to churches only that gives all participants a free church directory and a free 8-by-10-inch photograph, and then offers other options for purchasing more pictures. Businesses are offered corporate headshots on location or through JCPenney's portrait studio. Pricing for those shoots starts at about $50 as of 2015.

Most packages have available a large variety of printing and gift options that are not part of the actual photo packages. Customers can purchase extra sheets of prints, photo books, stationary and cards. There are also over 20 different gift options with pictures printed on them, including T-shirts, mugs and mouse pads.

Lifetouch photography packages are available to schools for preschool age through seniors. Lifetouch also offers yearbook services and coverage for special events such as prom or graduation. The company also provides photography packages to community groups including sports teams, churches and businesses.

Target, JCPenney and Cilento Photography use Lifetouch to staff their in-store portrait studios.