How Do Levitation Illusions Work?


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Levitation illusions can be performed in a number of ways, but the simplest rely only on misdirection and subtle optical illusions. The Balducci levitation demands only that the magician stand at a proper angle to their audience and that they possess some skill at acting.

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Once the physical steps of the Balducci levitation are mastered, the trick is exceedingly simple. It depends largely on a fragile visual illusion produced by forced perspective, but it is far simpler than levitation illusions requiring wires, rods or plates. It can be performed anywhere with no preparation or props.

  1. Prepare the crowd
  2. The magician should begin by making claims about the difficulty of the feat. They should spend time choosing a location, and it is advisable to take time in proclaimed mystical meditation to heighten the impression that the act is demanding.

  3. Perform the illusion
  4. Facing at an angle to the crowd such that one foot conceals the other, the magician raises one foot a few inches off the ground and stands on the pad of the other. This produces the visual effect of levitation and apparent space between the magician's feet and the ground.

  5. End convincingly
  6. The trick should be reaffirmed with its conclusion. The magician should pretend to drop as though they were actually hovering, bending their knees and evincing strain.

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