How Do You Levitate Someone?


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According to Psychic Science, exploring physical abilities and the paranormal, a person can be levitated if they take part in a human levitation experiment. The levitation effect is when a person becomes seemingly weightless and can be lifted from a chair by the index finger of four smaller people.

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There are two stages to the human levitation experiment, as stated by Psychic Science. In the first stage, a fairly heavy person should sit in a firm chair with their feet on the floor and their hands in their lap. Four assistants should separate themselves, one person at each shoulder and one at each knee of the person sitting down. Each assistant should then make a fist with both hands and extend their forefingers holding them firmly together edge to edge.

Next, the assistants should place their hands either under the sitting person's armpit or knee depending on where the individual assistant is positioned. The person in the chair should think "down," as the assistants attempt to lift him or her. They will find it impossible.

In the second stage, the assistants should place the palms of their hands either on the sitting person's shoulder or knee and exert a steady force downward counting from one to ten. At the count of nine, the assistants should take their former positions as in stage one. On the count of ten, the sitting person should think "up," and the assistants will then be able to lift him or her from the chair, according to Psychic Science.

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