How Do You Levitate a Card?


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To levitate a playing card, glue three folded strips of a playing card between two more cards. Place the gimmick card on top of a deck, and release the top card to complete the trick.

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  1. Cut and fold one card

    Trim the border from one playing card, and cut it into thirds lengthwise. Fold each strip into thirds by folding one side up and the other side down to create a zigzag shape.

  2. Glue on the strips

    Place another playing card on the table with the pattern side facing up. With the folds facing the same direction, position the folded strips on top of the playing card. Make a tripod in the center of the card, and glue the bottom of the strips onto the playing card. Place the third playing card on the table with the pattern side facing down. Align the card with the strips on top of this card, and glue the strips to the third card.

  3. Levitate the card

    Once the glue is dry, flatten the gimmick card, and add it to the top of a deck of cards. Hold the gimmick card down. When you are ready to perform the trick, lift the top card, and push it slightly forward. Let go of the card to reveal the levitating playing card. Quickly bring the card back down to the deck. Make sure the spectators are looking down at the cards, or the gimmick can be seen.

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