How Do You Level up in Prayer in "RuneScape"?

How Do You Level up in Prayer in "RuneScape"?

Although there are multiple ways to level up Prayer in RuneScape, the most common way is to bury bones and scatter demonic ashes. Members are given access to altars that bones and ashes can be scattered over for faster leveling, but in general, they can be buried anywhere for experience.

  1. Kill monsters to obtain Bones

    The most common kind of bone dropped by monsters is the standard Bones, which provides a 4.5 experience points when buried. Two other types of bones are Wolf Bones and Burnt Bones. For fastest leveling, players should seek out monsters such as giants and other large creatures that drop Big Bones, which provide 15 experience points when buried.

  2. Pick up Bones

    Players can also pick up Bones left behind by other players or by frequenting areas with recurring bone drops such as the Edgeville Dungeons or the Chaos Temple. Burnt Bones respawn in the Wilderness and provide an equal amount of experience points as Bones.

  3. Bury Bones or Scatter Ashes

    Right click on the Bones or Ashes in the inventory window and select Bury Bones or Scatter Ashes. A small amount of experience points is earned and the Prayer level is increased. Players can increase Prayer up to level 99.