How Do You Level up in the "Pokemon" Computer Game?


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Leveling up in the "Pokemon" games requires experience points, which are gathered through battling and defeating other Pokemon. There are special methods that allow a player to level up his Pokemon more efficiently and quickly, such as using traded Pokemon and giving a Pokemon a Lucky Egg.

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Pokemon that have a different Trainer ID level up much faster than Pokemon that are bred or found in the wild, as they receive more experience points following battle. The Lucky Egg also works to boost gained experience points, and it can be used as a held item for Pokemon within the player's party. Players can find the Lucky Egg through capturing wild Pelliper in "Pokemon Omega Ruby" and "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire." Other games in the series have different methods of obtaining a Lucky Egg.

The Pokemon-Amie, a feature in the sixth generation of Pokemon games, allows a player to increase the level of affection a certain Pokemon has for its trainer. This benefit increases experience points as well. Using Experience Point Power also increases Experience Points Gained. This O-Power only lasts three minutes before expiring. One of the most efficient ways of obtaining experience points is to battle a wild Audino, a Pokemon that provides significantly more experience points than most wild Pokemon. Finally, facing high-level trainers is one of the best methods of obtaining experience points.

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