What level does Pupitar evolve?


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Pupitar is a dual rock/ground-type Pok��mon that evolves into the pseudo-legendary Pok��mon Tyranitar starting at level 55. Pupitar initially involves from Larvitar starting at level 30.

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Pupitar, the hard shell Pok��mon, was introduced with the release of Pok��mon Gold and Silver in 1999. In these games, it can only be obtained by evolving Larvitar starting at level 30. Pupitar is the only Pok��mon that undergoes metamorphosis-like evolution whose defense base stat is not higher than its attack base stat. Pupitar is #247 in the National Pok��dex and evolves into Tyranitar, the only pseudo-legendary Pok��mon introduced in Generation II, beginning at level 55.

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