What Level Does the Pokemon Makuhita Evolve?


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According to the Pokemon Database, Makuhita is able to evolve at level 24. Makuhita evolves into Hariyama, another fighting-type Pokémon.

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Makuhita can be found in mountainous areas and is known as the "Guts Pokemon." Its name comes from the Japanese word "makushita," which is a division of sumo wrestling.

Makuhita is a fighting-type Pokemon. Makuhita has the Guts, Thick Fat and Sheer Force abilities, with Sheer Force being its hidden ability. It evolves into Hariyama, which is known as the "Arm Thrust Pokemon." Hariyama has the same skills as Makuhita. Both Makuhita and Hariyama can learn Surf and Strength from Hidden Machines.

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