What Level Does the Pokemon Doduo Evolve?


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The Pokemon Doduo evolves into the Pokemon Dodrio once it reaches level 31. Also known as the "Twin Bird Pokemon," Doduo was one of the original Pokemon species being introduced in the Generation 1 of Pokemon video games.

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Doduo is a Flying/Normal type Pokemon with the abilities Early Bird and Run Away. It also has the hidden ability Tangled Feet. This Pokemon has a base stat of 310 with 35 HP, 85 Attack, 45 Defense, 35 Special Attack, 35 Special Defense and 75 Speed. Before evolving, Doduo's name was taken from a combination of the two words "Dodo" after the extinct bird and "Duo." This Pokemon appears like a flightless bird with two heads. It grows another head once it evolves into Dodrio.

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