What Level Does the Pokemon Anorith Evolve?

What Level Does the Pokemon Anorith Evolve?

The Pokemon Anorith evolves into Armaldo at level 40. Also known as the "Old Shrimp Pokemon," Anorith is a Rock and Bug type Pokemon introduced in the third generation of Pokemon games.

Anorith has a total base stat of 355 with 45 HP, 95 Attack, 50 Defense, 40 Special Attack, 50 Special Defense and 75 Speed. Its special ability is Special Armor, which takes away the critical hit ability of an opponent's moves. The Anorith also has the Swift Swim hidden ability. This Pokemon is number 347 in the National Dex and number 135 in the Hoenn Dex.

Although the Anorith has no immunities against any type of Pokemon, it does have a strong resistance to Normal and Poison type Pokemon. However, it is weak against Water, Rock and Steel type Pokemon.

Players can obtain Anorith in the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald version by reviving the Claw Fossil. The only way for players to obtain it in the the FireRed and Leaf Green versions is by trading it from earlier game versions. Anorith is in Pewter City in the HeartGold and Soulsilver game versions, and it is in Nacrene City in Pokemon Black and White.

The Anorith's evolved form, Armaldo, is a significantly stronger Pokemon with a total base stat of 495. Armaldo is best used in battle with the movesets Choice Band, Knock Off and Rapid Spin.