At what level does Numel evolve?


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Numel evolves at level 33 to become Camerupt. During its evolution, it keeps its fire and ground types. Camerupt is the final stage of Numel's evolution.

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In the "Pok��mon X" and "Pok��mon Y" games, the only way to obtain a Numel is through Pok��mon breeding. However, this Pok��mon line brings several powerful abilities. Through use of its abilities "oblivious" and "own tempo," the Pok��mon becomes immune to attract, taunt and confusion effects. Also, its ability "simple" doubles all stat modifications used on this Pok��mon. Evolving a Numel into a Camerupt replaces these abilities with "magma armor," which prevents the Pok��mon from being frozen, and "solid rock," which reduces the damage dealt by super effective attacks by 25 percent.

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