What Level Does Nidoran Evolve At?

Nidoran evolves at Level 16. As Nidorino, his 1 foot 8 inch height has increased to 2 feet 11 inches.

His weight also increases from 19.8 pounds to 43 pounds. The initial new attacks learnt are (Normal Type unless otherwise stated):

  • Leer
  • Tackle
  • Horn Attack
  • Double Kick (Fight Type)

Depending on the game version (Gold, Silver, Crystal and Yellow or Red and Blue) further attacks are learnt at the following levels:

  • Level 19 (Gold, Silver, Crystal and Yellow only): Poison Sting (Poison Type)
  • Level 27/23: Focus Energy
  • Level 36/32: Fury Attack
  • Level 46/41: Horn Drill
  • Level 50 (Red and Blue only): Double Kick (Fight Type)

To further evolve Nidorino into Nidoking, players must use the Moon Stone.