What Level Does Magneton Evolve?


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Magneton does not evolve by leveling up, but through exposure to a Magnetic Field. Once exposed, Magneton evolves into the Pokemon Magnezone.

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Magneton is also known as the Magnet Pokemon. It is an Electric/Steel type Pokemon introduced in the first generation of Pokemon games. Magneton is number 80 on the National Dex. It has the abilities Magnet Pull, Sturdy and the hidden ability Analytic.

Magnet pull prevents Steel type Pokemon from running or switching when battling with Magneton. The opposing Steel type Pokemon may still be able to switch if it uses the move Baton Pass. Sturdy on the other hand, makes it immune to one hit KO moves. The hidden ability Analytic increases its Attack by 30 percent when used last in battle. Magneton has a total base stat of 465.

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