What Level Does Lileep Evolve At?


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Lileep, also known as the Sea Lily Pokemon evolves at level 40. This Pokemon evolves into Cradily, which is also known as the Barnacle Pokemon.

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Lileep was introduced in the third generation of Pokemon. National number 345, Lileep is 3 feet and 3 inches tall, and it weighs 52.5 pounds. It has suction cups as its main ability and its gender ratio is 87.5 percent male and 12.5 percent female. Lileep's exact abilities vary depending on the version of Pokemon.

According to Pokemon legends, Lileep is a type of lily that went extinct over 100 million years ago. However, it was recreated scientifically after its fossils were discovered. Lileep stays attached to rocks or other items on the sea floor and uses its tentacles to catch prey. It can also sway the tentacles to disguise itself as seaweed to draw its prey in closer, as well as watch other sea creatures with its perfect eyesight.

Lileep has a catch rate of 45 and an erratic growth rate. It has an HP of 66, a defense of 77 and an attack rate of 41. The base stats for the Lileep total 355.When evolved into Cradily, it gains the ability to roam around on the sea floor in search of its prey.

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