At what level does Larvitar evolve?


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Larvitar evolves into Pupitar upon reaching level 30. This evolution chain continues once Pupitar reaches level 55, at which point it evolves into Tyranitar. At both the Larvitar and Pupitar evolution stages, this Pok��mon is a rock and ground type, but it becomes a rock and dark type upon reaching its final evolution stage. Larvitar first appeared as part of the new Pok��mon introduced in the Generation II games.

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In its first appearance in the Pok��mon Gold and Silver games, Larvitar is found as a random encounter in Mt. Silver. Physically, Larvitar has a reptilian-like appearance and green, rocky skin. Its face is marked with black markings on both the lower region and the upper corner of its eyes. The average height of a Larvitar is approximately 2 feet, with an average weight of 158.7 pounds. Larvitar also belongs to the Rock Skin Pok��mon species and has a catch rate of only 5.9 percent when a Pok��Ball is thrown at it at full health.

In the animated series, a Larvitar is seen as part of Ash's Pok��mon team after it is hatched from an egg given to the Pok��mon trainer by Professor Elm for delivery to its mother on Mt. Silver.

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