At What Level Does Kabuto Evolve?

Kabuto evolves at level 40 into Kabutops. Kabuto is a shellfish Pokemon associated with the rock and water elements.

The national number for Kabuto is 140. Its name actually comes from the Japanese word for helmet. Kabuto has its own certain abilities, such as battle armor and swift swim. It also has a special hidden ability called weak armor.

Kabuto's height is 1 foot and 8 inches with a weight of 25.4 pounds. Kabuto has a catch rate at 45. At full health, the Kabuto is 5.9 percent likely to be caught with a pokeball. Its base happiness is at 70, which is considered a normal rating. Kabuto's growth rate is medium fast.

Kabuto can learn many skills as it progresses to higher levels. Some of these skills include harden, scratch, absorb, leer, mud shot, sand attack, endure, aqua jet, mega den, metal sound, ancient power and wring out. In Pokemon X/Y, Kabuto can learn other moves through breeding. These moves include aurora beam, bubble beam, confuse ray, flail, foresight, giga drain, icy wind, knock off, mud shot, rapid spin, screech and take down. There are many technical machines that Kabuto is compatible with as well including hone claws, toxic, hail, hidden power, ice beam, blizzard, protect, rain dance, protection and takedown.