At What Level Does the Evolution of Solosis Happen?


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The Pokémon Solosis evolves into Duosion at level 32 and then into Reuniclus at level 41. These evolutions do not require trading, evolutionary stones or raising Solosis' friendship value.

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Solosis and its evolutions are psychic Pokémon with amorphous bodies floating in a green gelatinous membrane that protects them from the environment. They bear resemblance to cells floating in cytoplasm, and the growth from Solosis to Reuniclus is similar in appearance to the development of an embryo into a fetus.

In spite of their simple appearance, these Pokémon have powerful psychic abilities. Duosion possesses two brains that augment its psychic powers when both brains focus on a single task. Reuniclus telekinetically controls two arms made from the membrane surrounding it and can form a mental network with other Reuniclus by holding hands.

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