At What Level Does Dragonair Evolve?

At level 55, Dragonair will evolve into Dragonite. Dragonair evolves once it has reached a high enough strength and skill level to turn into Dragonite, which is the final form in the series of dragon Pokémon. After surpassing level 55, Dragonair can learn new moves, including Dragon Dance, Outrage and Hyper Beam.

In Generation 1 of Pokémon, Dragonair is a mystical, divine dragon whose aura controls the weather. It is evolved from Dratini, a smaller dragon. Both of these dragons are quite rare and live in bodies of water.

Some of Dragonair's moves include Wrap, Leer, Thunder Wave and Twister, all of which can be used to defeat other Pokémon in battle and gain experience. Dragonair does not have wings until it evolves into Dragonite at level 55. Dragonite is the third and strongest evolution in the dragon series, and it is said to be a guardian of the sea.