How Do You Level a 7-Foot Pool Table?

Level a 7-foot pool table with adjustable legs by twisting the feet until the table is lowered or raised as needed. Place thin wood shims under the feet to level a pool table without adjustable legs.

First, make sure that the pool table actually needs to be leveled. Determine practical balance by slowly rolling a ball from one end of the table to the other. Watch for any variation in travel. If the ball curves to one side of the table, the table needs leveling.

Check the level with a carpenter's bubble level tool. Place the bubble level lengthwise in the center of the table. The bubble should float between two markers on the glass tube of the tool. If it does not, note which side is higher, then repeat the test with the level situated crosswise. Again, make a note if the bubble does not hover precisely between the level markers. If a carpenter's level is not available, use a phone app that replicates the function of a leveling tool. If neither are available, place a sheet of glass in the center of the table and place a marble in the middle of the glass. The marble will roll to the low side of an unlevel pool table.

Slightly raise the lowest leg of the table with a tapered wood shim. It is better to make small adjustments until the table is perfectly level.