How Do You Get to Level 23 in Isoball 3?


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To get to level 23 in the video game "Isoball 3," you must beat level 22. To beat level 22, build a ramp down from the ball's starting place. Build a ramp over each gap.

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  1. Build a floating ramp

    You begin level 22 with six steep ramps, two shallow ramps, four bridges, one half cube and three arrows. Build a floating ramp up to the ball's starting place with three steep ramps and two bridges.

  2. Build a ramp over the first gap

    Use a steep ramp on either side of the gap next to the front corner. Then, place a bridge in the gap between them.

  3. Build a ramp over the left corner gap

    Place a half cube in the lower square next to the left corner gap. Place a shallow ramp on top of it and on the square next to it. Place the last bridge over the gap. Place the last steep ramp on the empty square next to the bridge.

  4. Add the arrows

    Place an arrow on the bridge near the front corner. It should point toward the left corner. Place the next arrow on the bridge on the left corner. It should point toward the top corner. Place the last arrow in the top corner. It should point toward the hole. With this setup, the ball rolls into the hole, and you go on to level 23.

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