How Are Letter Stencils Cut?


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The simplest way to make stencils is to apply the design to stiff polyester plastic sheeting, and then cut out the stencils with a craft knife. The easiest way to prepare the design is on a computer. Design the stencil to appear exactly as needed, including the final size. Print the design out, and trace onto the plastic sheeting.

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How Are Letter Stencils Cut?
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Contact paper is useful when making stencils. It comes with an adhesive backing, so the cut-out stencil can be temporarily fixed to the product to be stenciled, which makes it easier to apply the pigment. A special cutting machine called a Silhouette Cameo can be used to cut stencils. The machine works exactly like a printer, except instead of printing out the design prepared on the computer, it cuts out the design to create a stencil. The cutting machine cuts directly on contact paper for stencils. It also cuts fabric, heavy paper and vinyl.

Stencils can be cut out of contact paper manually using a craft knife if purchasing a special cutting machine isn't in the budget. A craft knife allows for more accuracy than scissors. Print the pattern out on heavy paper, trace it onto the backing of the contact paper, and then carefully cut it out.

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