What Is the "LEGO Island" Game About?


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The 1997 game "LEGO Island" allows players to freely explore an island, with an optional overall objective of returning the evil Brickster to incarceration. When not following the story missions, players can customize the island and build vehicles among other activities.

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Players initially play as Pepper Roni, a pizza delivery boy. Pepper is tricked into releasing the Brickster from jail. The Brickster then sets about to destroy the island.

Players then gain the ability to play as two police officers, Nick and Laura Brick. Players also have the option of not delivering the pizza, however, and simply roaming the island and playing various mini-games. If the player does release the Brickster, he then has to complete a sequence of events to recapture the Brickster before he destroys the island.

The original game was developed by Mindscape and distributed by Electronic Arts. A direct sequel, "LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge," was released in 2000. A spinoff game that focused on the vehicle action, "Island Xtreme Stunts," was released in 2001. The second "LEGO Island" game is similar to the first, with players taking the role of Pepper Roni and once again accidentally freeing the Brickster and having to complete missions to capture him.

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