What Are Lego Hero Factory Games?

What Are Lego Hero Factory Games?

Lego Hero Factory games consist of online applications designed to accompany the line of toys of the same name from the LEGO Group. By downloading the Hero Factory app, customers can play games such as "Invasion From Below" and "Brain Attack."

Hero Factory is comprised of toys targeted for children aged 6 to 12. After its highly successful Bionicle line of toys that ran from 2001 to 2010, Hero Factory was ushered in by LEGO to fill the void of toys and games that the said age group has become fond of.

The line of toys is tied into a series of stories about robotic heroes who rose to protect the people of Makuhero City, a fictional location on an asteroid. The epic story started in 2010 with "Rise of the Rookies," followed by 2011's "Ordeal of Fire / Savage Planet," 2012's "Breakout," 2013's "Brain Attack," and "Invasion From Below" in 2014.

As of June 2014, two games have been made available under the LEGO Hero Factory games arsenal. In "Brain Attack," the player gets to prevent an invasion of alien brains and fight as one of the Hero Factory heroes. Meanwhile, in "Invasion From Below," the player becomes part of the Alpha Team along with lead hero Nathan Evo to infiltrate and defeat the invading forces.

LEGO Hero Factory Games are available in iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows, or online desktop versions.