What Are Some Free Lego Games to Play Online?


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Some free Lego games that people can play online include “Lego Expedition 1” and “Ultimate Spider-Man.” Both of these games are available to play on GamesFreak.net and Lego.com, as of 2015, and require players to use computer keyboards to interact with the on-screen characters.

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In “Lego Expedition 1,” players must navigate a maze using three Lego characters. Players can hit the space bar to switch between these three characters at any time. The maze requires problem-solving skills to complete. Sometimes players have to use one character to activate a switch so that another character can progress deeper into the maze. The goal is to collect all of the artifacts while avoiding the enemies that also wander the maze.

There is no time limit for each stage in “Lego Expedition 1,” but the game records the amount of time that it takes players to complete each stage. Clicking on the piece of paper on the bottom-right side of the play screen brings up the in-game map.

In “Ultimate Spider-Man,” players take control of Lego Spider-Man as he tracks down Doc Ock. To catch up to Doc Ock, they have to have quick reflexes and know when to make Spider-Man jump, swing or duck. At the end of the game, players can see how far they made it before falling or hitting an object.

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