What Is the Left/right Valentine Game?

The left/right game is a gift-passing game that can be easily be adapted for a Valentine's Day party. The game is very simple and only requires several gifts and a script that repeats "left" and "right" frequently.

To play the game, the party guests must sit in a circle. The host passes out several wrapped gifts, then reads a script or story that repeats the words "left" and "right" to signal when the gifts should be passed. For example, the story might begin, "Mr. Wright wanted to surprise Mrs. Wright for Valentine's Day, so when she left for work, he started decorating right away." At the end of the script, the guests who are holding the gifts get to keep them.

The left/right Valentine game can be used as an icebreaker at an office party or for a children's school party. Reading the script faster can make it more challenging. With a younger group, the host should read more slowly or emphasize the directional words. The host may increase the excitement and humor by implying that the gifts are extremely goofy or very valuable.

Party hosts or planners can find examples of left/right game scripts on event planning websites such as UltimateCampResource.com, Diva-Girl-Parties-And-Stuff.com or KidsParties.About.com.