What Are Some Learning Games for Preschoolers?


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Learning games for preschoolers include run around the numbers, red rover, green rover and story go-round. Games can make it easier for preschoolers to learn by making learning enjoyable.

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What Are Some Learning Games for Preschoolers?
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Round around the numbers requires chalk and an area with concrete. Each child is given a piece of chalk and instructed to spread out around the area. They are then assigned numbers to write on the ground large enough that it can be seen by everyone. The teacher yells a number, then every child has to run to that number and stand on it until the next number is called.

For red rover, green rover, construction paper in different shapes and colors is pinned onto each child's shirt. Children are divided into two equal teams and form a line with their teammates while holding hands. One team calls out a color and shape, such as "red rover, red rover, let the green squares come over." Any child on the other side with a green square pinned to his shirt then runs over and tries to run through the line.

If the child runs through the line, he brings a player back to his side. If he doesn't, he has to stay on the other side. The game continues until one team has all the players.

In story go-round, the teacher provides characters and a starting point. Children then add a sentence to the story, one at a time, creating their own unique story and develop their imagination skills.

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