How Do You Learn to Shoot Pool?

How Do You Learn to Shoot Pool?

Learning how to shoot pool takes patience and lots of practice. Start by mastering a classic pool shot. After you have mastered this basic technique, you can attempt more advanced methods, such as the jump shot or banking the cue ball.

  1. Setup a single pool ball on the table

    Set a single pool ball on a pool table. Place the cue ball in a direct line with the already positioned ball, keeping both in line with the table pocket.

  2. Align your arm and cue stick accordingly

    Align your shooting arm at a 90-degree angle with your forearm pointed down towards the surface of the table. Your other hand should be near the tip of the cue stick, guiding it in place. Keep the cue stick parallel with the table, hovering an inch or so above the surface of the felt.

  3. Use a gentle throwing motion with the cue stick

    Push the cue stick forward with a gentle throwing motion. This causes the tip of the stick to strike the cue ball, pushing it into the pool ball and forcing the pool ball into the pocket.

  4. Repeat the process

    Practice repeating this process to find the right amount of pressure and angle. Once you have mastered this shot, try practicing with more pool balls and even a full rack until you feel comfortable with the process.