How do you learn to sew by hand?


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To learn to sew by hand, use an online guide from websites such as Sew4Home.com and ApartmentTherapy.com. Both resources provide step-by-step guides to learn basic sewing techniques, such as the backstitch, overcast stitch and ladder stitch. Most sewing techniques require scissors, needle and thread. Some optional tools to assist in hand sewing are thimbles and threaders.

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Use a thimble to learn to sew as it protects your finger from pain. Place the thimble on the middle finger of your dominant hand. To start sewing, thread the needle and create a knot on the thread. Hold the needle using your index finger and thumb and use the thimble to push the needle through the fabric. When the stitch is finished, use a securing stitch to hold everything in place.

The backstitch is ideal for dense fabrics as it creates a fairly strong stitch. Start at the right end opening and sew to the left. Sewers also often use the backstitch to repair stitches. The overcast stitch can seal edges of fabrics that are prone to unraveling. Overcast stitches are also useful for repairing tears when mending.

The ladder stitch is one of the most useful stitches, commonly used to create an invisible stitch between folded and flat edges. The stitch gets its name because it closely resembles the appearance of a ladder. Ladder stitches are more invisible if the stitch is smoother and tighter.

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