How Do You Learn to Play Fantage Online?

To learn how to play "Fantage" online, read the frequently asked questions on, as of 2015. These provide general instructions for moving around the game's world and locating games. "Fantage" includes a variety of mini-games, each of which has its own gameplay instructions.

To read the game's frequently asked questions, visit the homepage and click What Is Fantage. On the What Is Fantage page, click FAQs on the top menu. The FAQs provide information on starting the game, obtaining items and earning stars.

To register on "Fantage," visit the homepage and click Join Now For Free. Select an avatar, and then choose a skin tone for the avatar. You can also click the refresh button for more avatar options. Fill out the necessary information and complete the registration by clicking Play Now. Once you register and activate your account through the email, you can log in at any time using your user name and password.

Move your avatar by clicking a location on the map or using the arrow keys. "Fantage" has mini-games all over the world, which you play by moving your avatar to that game. Click the Games tab to view the locations of all the games. When you move your avatar to a game, you can read instructions for that game.