How Do You Learn to Needlepoint on Canvas?


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To learn to needlepoint on canvas, it is necessary to learn the different types of stitches and their applications. The size of the canvas determines what size needle is necessary. An eight mesh canvas requires a size 16 needle, while a ten mesh canvas requires a size 18 needle. Both 12 mesh canvases and 14 mesh canvases require the larger size 20 needle.

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Some of the stitches one must learn are a half cross stitch, a basket weave and a continental stitch. A half cross stitch is appropriate for covering small amounts of area, but is not an appropriate stitch for covering large areas of canvas because it can distort the workspace. The half cross stitch must be done from left to right and then back again to achieve the best results.

The basket weave stitch is one of the most common stitches because it covers a large amount of area on the canvas with the least amount of distortion. This stitch must come down diagonally across the canvas and it starts at the top right hand corner of the canvas. When doing any type of stitching, it is important to bind down the edges of the canvas to ensure they are steady and do not move while working on the canvas.

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