How Do You Learn to Do Magic Tricks?


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Learning to perform simple magic tricks requires practice and a clear set of instructions. One easy magic trick for beginners is the Everlasting Soda trick, which is an illusion based around making the audience believe you can summon additional soda out of an empty can. The trick calls for a can of soda, a black marker and a thumb tack.

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To perform this trick, you must start by collecting the required items in a room away from your intended audience. First, pierce a small hole on the side of the soda can about an inch from the top. Use this hole to drain out just under half of the soda. Proceed to gently crush the can to give it the appearance of being used up. Next, take the black marker and draw over the top of the can where the mouth is. This makes it appear that the can has already been opened. Make sure to use a black or very dark marker.

Once you have your audience in place, it is time to make them believe that the can is empty. Hold the can in your hand, with your thumb covering the pin hole you made earlier. Turn the can upside down to show the audience that the can is empty. Finally, open the soda can and pour the remaining soda into a glass.

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