How Do You Learn Magic?


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Some of the best ways to learn magic tricks are reading books, watching online videos and joining a local magic club. A combination of these three methods is the best way to get on your feet quickly as a new magician.

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There are many books written about how to learn magic tricks. Do a search at a local library to pick up some free resources to get started. Read and practice what you learn in those books until it becomes natural. Perform tricks in front of a mirror until you can do the moves confidently without looking.

More complex tricks are easier to learn by watching video online. These tutorials break down complicated movements using tricks such as slow motion and multiple angles. This gives you an opportunity to learn more complicated moves. Consider recording yourself with a webcam or cell phone as you practice to watch your skills develop and discover new ways to perform your magic.

Joining a club lets you put together the skills you have learned from books and online videos and learn to really perform. Performance is key to being a successful magician, so try your tricks on multiple people in your club and listen to the feedback you receive. Once you are confident enough to perform for people in your magic club, you can start performing your tricks and illusions for family and friends.

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