Where Do You Learn How to Design Your Own Jewelry?


There are many online and offline resources for learning to design jewelry. YouTube has tutorial videos that teach viewers how to create their own jewelry from various materials. Other online resources for jewelry making are New York Institute of Art and Design, Mastered and Online Computer Generated Jewellery Designing Courses. The Home section of About.com also has an article offering tips on the basics of becoming a jewelry designer.

Many people who make jewelry start with the practice because they like working creatively with their hands and are skilled with a particular process. Many jewelry makers start by learning how to knit, weave or crochet and eventually begin exploring other ways to manipulate materials.

Each style of jewelry making requires mastery of a certain method or tool, and some materials are easier to work with than others. Jewelry making can be a fun hobby and can also become quite lucrative with the rise of popular retail websites such as Amazon and Etsy. Many people have turned their jewelry or craft-making hobbies into full-time businesses by selling their homemade items on craft websites. Craft fairs and holiday festivals are also common and viable outlets for selling homemade jewelry, crafts or artwork.