How Do You Learn to Build Video Games?


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To learn how to build video games, take a game development course offered by a university or technical school, read books on game development, and study online tutorials. Video game development is the combination of skills including computer programming, 2D and 3D art, sound engineering and writing.

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A streamlined way to get a full education on game development is by attending courses and training seminars from people who work in the game development industry. Schools such as the Art Institutes and Full Sail University have degree programs centered around game development and may be able to help students secure internships and positions at working studios around the world.

Game development and programming books such as those found at Amazon.com are alternative resources for learning the skills required to create games. Books related to game development include those covering C++ and JavaScript programming, 3D art tools such as Blender or Maya, audio tools such as Avid Pro Tools or FL Studio, and game engines such as Unreal Engine or Unity.

Beginners in game development can create full games using drag-and-drop game creation software such as Scirra Construct 2 or GameMaker: Studio. Drag-and-drop game editors allow users with no programming knowledge to drag pre-programmed logic bricks and scripts to elements such as character sprites or game objects in order to add behaviors and gameplay functionality to them.

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