How Do You Learn to Build Robots?


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Learn how to build robots by visiting sites such as SocietyOfRobots.com, PopularMechanics.com, RobotShop.com and LetsMakeRobots.com. Each site contains information about the materials and tools necessary to construct a robot, the different robotics kits available, and the basic construction and programming concepts used in the building process.

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How Do You Learn to Build Robots?
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One of the first things one needs to decide when building a robot is whether to start the project from scratch or with the aid of a kit. Many robotics kits include the necessary parts to construct the body of the machine along with the various motors and circuits necessary to control the actions. Regardless of the process, building a robot requires tools such as a soldering gun, screwdrivers and safety gear such as gloves and goggles.

Society Of Robots begins its tutorial on building a robot by examining the different reasons to begin the project. It briefly covers different concepts that one may learn by building a robot, including concepts relating to electronics, mechanics, programming and robotics. The page also covers the cost of building a robot, with information about the relative expense of different types of robots. Popular Mechanics also touches on the reasons for making a robot and the accompanying learning opportunities as well as outlining how to get started on the process.

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