What Is the Layout of an Xbox Controller?


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An Xbox controller consists of A, B, X and Y buttons and a control stick on the right side of the controller, with another controller and a D-pad on the left side. Other buttons are located on the back and center of the controller.

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The A, B, Y and X buttons are generally used for gameplay commands which vary from game to game. On the left side, adjacent to the buttons, is the left thumbstick, generally used for movement. Below the buttons are the right stick, generally used to control an in-game camera, and below the left stick is the directional pad, or D-pad, which is often used for selecting options.

The center of the controller features a start button and a back button, which confirms and undoes selections, respectively. Between these buttons is the guide button, which opens the main Xbox menu used to change activities. On the back of the controller are four buttons: the left bumper, left trigger, right bumper and right trigger. These buttons are almost exclusively used for gameplay, with the triggers being frequently used for first person shooter games. The bumpers are generally used for additional commands, particularly in games with a variety of features.

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