What Is the Lavender Town Theme?

The "Lavender Town Theme" is the background music that plays when a Nintendo Pokemon game player visits Lavender Town, which is an in-game location that serves as a Pokemon graveyard. The theme music first appeared in the Japanese game Pokemon Red/Green for Nintendo Game Boy, and it was slightly altered for the American release of Pokemon Red/Blue.

Over the course of Pokemon Red/Blue and subsequent versions of the game that take place in the fictional Kanto region, all players must visit Lavender Town, a location that features a memorial tower that is haunted by the ghost of a Pokemon that died protecting its child from the game's villain, Team Rocket. The background theme is an eerie, melancholy melody.

An urban legend has arisen and spread over the Internet regarding the original Lavender Town theme's affect on young children. According to the myth, the theme used in the original Japanese games included high-pitched tones that only children could hear, and it drove roughly 100 kids, ages 10 to 15, to commit suicide using various methods. The legend also says that various other children complained of nausea and headaches after hearing the Lavender Town theme. There is no evidence to validate either claim.