How Do You Latch Hook?


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To latch hook, you need a latch hook tool, cut pieces of yarn and a latch hook grid. Use the tool to work pieces of yarn through the grid one at a time to create a finished pattern.

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Start with the latch hook tool in your dominant hand. Loop a piece of yarn around the part of the tool below the lever, and hold the yarn in place with the index finger of the same hand. Make sure the ends of the yarn are even. Insert the tool into one square of the grid, and push the top back out of the square directly above. One line of the grid should rest directly on top of the tool.

To insert the yarn into the grid, use your opposite hand to wrap the end pieces of the yarn between the lever and hook of the tool. Once the yarn is in place, pull the tool back out of the grid. The tool should pull the ends of the yarn through the looped section of yarn to form a knot around the grid. Pull the end pieces of the yarn to tighten the knot.

Create designs by printing, drawing or following a pre-designed pattern. To create your own pattern, draw or photocopy your design on grid paper. The blocks on the grid paper should be the same size as the latch hook grid. Transfer the design from the grid paper to the latch hook grid by coloring the corresponding blocks. You can also purchase latch hook kits that include patterns and pre-cut pieces of yarn.

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