What Are Some Large Party Game Ideas for Adults?


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Large party game ideas for adults include "Lost on a Desert Island," "Charades," and "Giants, Wizards and Elves." The first is non-competitive, while the latter two are competitive. None of the games require any special items.

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What Are Some Large Party Game Ideas for Adults?
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In "Lost on a Desert Island," the scenario is that each player, when stranded on an island, can have only one item. Each player explains what item he would choose and why. Afterward, the organizer puts the players into teams, and each team determines how they could use their items together to survive. The organizer has the option of rewarding the most creative team.

For "Charades," players divide into two equal teams. One player from each team steps forward and reads an item from a list. Those volunteers act out the list item without speaking. The first team to guess the item scores a point, and the first team to score 10 points wins.

"Giants, Wizards and Elves" is a more advanced version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Players divide into two equal teams. The teams huddle and decide whether to act as a giant, wizard or an elf. All players on the team must act as the same type of character.

To act as giants, players stand as tall as possible, raise their arms and growl. To act as wizards, players crouch slightly, wave their arms and yell "Shazam!" To act as elves, players crouch as low as possible, place their hands on their ears and make a high-pitched sound.

Giants defeat elves, elves defeat wizards, and wizards defeat giants. The winning team quickly grabs as many members of the losing team as possible, before the losing team runs back to their safe zone. The game ends when one team has all the players.

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