What Are Large Cut-Out Letters For?


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Large cut-out letters, particularly those made from paper, are used to create signs and posters. These can be purchased already made from a craft-supply store, or they can be created and printed from a computer. They are often used in a classroom setting or by businesses to create advertisement signs.

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Some websites allow crafters to custom design cut-out letters based on their needs and preferences. Block Layer is one example of such a site. Crafters can choose from multiple letter features, such as font, size and color and can save a file of selected letters to print for later use.

Businesses use large cut-out letters to create signs for their buildings and offices. These letters are often made of waterproof materials, such as plastic, and installed outdoors. Letters used to create business names or other titles may be purchased individually from wholesale suppliers that offer several designs and materials for companies to choose from. Letters may be suitable to attach to indoor or outdoor surfaces, depending on their material. Common materials include wood, plastic, vinyl and metal. Prices vary based on how detailed the letters are, and there are different costs for letters that are painted, unpainted or finished with a polish.

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