How Do You Laminate Paper at Home?

How Do You Laminate Paper at Home?

How Do You Laminate Paper at Home?

There are various ways to laminate paper at home. The simplest and most common method is to use an iron box. You need a laminating pouch, 2 tea towels, scissors, a ruler, an ironing board and an iron box.

  1. Prepare the material

    Place the paper you want to laminate into the laminating pouch. Using scissors and a ruler, trim the laminating pouch so that its dimensions are larger than the paper to be laminated. These extensions ensure that the pouch is sealed during burning. Spread one of the tea towels on top of the ironing board, and place the pouched paper on it. Ensure that there are no air spaces between the paper and the pouch. Cover the pouched paper with another tea towel. Heat the iron box until you are sure that the temperature is high enough to melt the pouch.

  2. Iron the pouch

    Using the hot iron box, iron over the pouch through the towel for a few minutes. Move your strokes slowly to allow enough time for the pouch's edges to melt and hold onto each other. Apply some pressure while ironing to squeeze the pouch properly. Examine the pouch regularly while ironing to ensure that the edges seal completely. Take precautions not to burn yourself.

  3. Allow the pouch to cool

    Give the pouch a few minutes to cool down, and unset the stage.