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As of 2015, the La Dee Da dolls website has two games: "Le Bun's Fashion Stash" and "Dee-sign Your Own Adventure." The latter functions as multiple games in one interface, allowing players to choose different scenarios and objectives.

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In "Le Bun's Fashion Stash," the fashion-savvy dog Le Bun travels to several businesses to get fashion inspiration. At each stop, characters agree to perform favors for Le Bun in return for errands, such as getting a carriage horse a banana and receiving a tennis racket in return. Le Bun interacts with both human and animal characters at locations such as the fabric store, the theater and the zoo, and throughout the game, players collect hidden everyday objects that inspire the dog's fashion sense. In addition, finding hidden dog treats in each location gives players a chance to earn bonus accessories. After completing the errands, players can use the hidden fashion finds to dress Le Bun for the runway.

In "Dee-sign Your Own Adventure," players choose the game details, such as the setting, fashion inspiration, supporting character and objective. Every scenario also gives players the chance to receive a helpful object to combat an antagonist creature, such as a bouncing jellyfish, and all scenarios involve collecting objects. In a sample game, choosing the candy store setting and the peppermint as inspiration gives players the choice of three objectives: stopping the design bandit from stealing, collecting 30 peppermints or racing to the checkout counter.

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