How Do You Get to Korean Folk Town in "MapleStory"?

There are two possible methods to reach the Korean Folk Town in the "MapleStory" game. Both methods use a giant magical storybook portal that can be found at a location called "The Sharp Unknown" or in the library at the first floor of Helios Tower in Ludibrium. Korean Folk Town features Korean-inspired architecture, with huts made from bamboo spread throughout the location.

The Korean Folk Town is one of two locations inside "MapleStory" that are designed following Korean culture. On the game map, the town is part of a twin island system atop Ludus Lake that is used as a base for two towers that prop up the city of Ludibrium. Inside the town, various NPCs grant quests to the player. Unlike other locations in "MapleStory," Korean Folk Town does not have a World Tour NPC.

Close to Korean Folk Town is a dungeon called the "Black Mountain." The interior is populated by monsters that are based on Korean mythology, such as the moon bunny and Samiho. There are also various boss monsters inside, such as a scholar ghost, green and blue king goblins and a nine-tailed fox. The area's difficulty is designed for players between the levels of 22 and 70.