How Are Knots for Jewelry-Making Tied?


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Some of the most common knots used in jewelry making are the overhand, surgeon's, adjustable and square knots. The best way to tie a knot when making jewelry depends on the project and materials being used.

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Jewelry knots are used for beading and macramé projects. In beading, knots are used to separate delicate beads such as pearls and to keep all the beads from sliding off the string if the strand breaks. For best results, string beads on nylon, silk or satin cord according to "Jewelry Making & Beading for Dummies." To tie the knot between beads:

  1. String a bead.
  2. Tie a loose knot as near the bead as possible, leaving slack in the knot for adjusting location.
  3. Use a finger or pin to push the knot against the bead.
  4. Pull the string tight.

If single strand knotting is too difficult or time consuming, string all beads on two strands. Tie knots between beads using the two strands. Some jewelry-making purists call this cheating, but it's a fast, effective way to create pretty bead strands.

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