What Knitting Stitches Are Used in an Infinity Scarf Pattern?


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The knit stitch is often used in an infinity scarf pattern, but the purl stitch will also be used in many patterns. Depending on the desired finished look of the scarf, the knitter has countless ways to combine these stitches.

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An infinity scarf gets its name from its circular construction. Unlike a straight scarf that has two visible ends, infinity versions are like mobius strips. A simple infinity scarf can rely on only the knit stitch, resulting in a garter stitch pattern. Adding purl stitches can result in ribbing or moss stitch. The knitter may also add lacework by inserting yarn-overs. More complex patterns may include floral or leaf designs. The length of an infinity scarf varies. Shorter scarves may be worn similarly to cowls, while longer scarves can be looped around the neck a few times, leading to a more plush look.

The thickness and denseness of the scarf are affected by the type of fiber used as well as the needle size. Chunky yarn knits up quickly on large needles. Fine yarn is better for delicate lacework and requires smaller needles. There is so much variety in patterns, but all begin with the simplest of stitches, the knit stitch.

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