What Are Some Knitting Stitch Abbreviations?

What Are Some Knitting Stitch Abbreviations?

Some knitting abbreviations include BO, indicating bind off, CO, indicating cast on, RS, indicating right side, WS indicating wrong side and k or K, indicating knit. Another common abbreviation is p or P, which indicates purl.

CO, or cast on, is commonly seen at the beginning of a pattern, and indicates creating the initial stitches in the work. It may also occur throughout the pattern, as a means of adding stitches. BO, or bind off, is used when it is time to end the column of stitches in a pattern.

Some other abbreviations are k2tog, which tells the knitter to knit two stitches together, and yo, which indicates yarn over. K2tog decreases the amount of stitches in a row by combining two stitches, while yo increases the stitches by looping the yarn over the needle. Similar to k2tog is the abbreviation p2tog, in which the knitter is to combine two stitches using the purl stitch.

Sl indicates slip, in which the knitter moves a stitch from one needle to the other without working into it. Following that, ssk indicates that the knitter is to slip two stitches in a row, and then knit the slipped stitches together.

Another common abbreviation is stst, which indicates stocking or stockinette stitch. In order to create this portion of the pattern, it is necessary to knit stitches on the right side of the work and pearl stitches on the wrong side of the work. This creates a smooth surface on the knit or right side of the work while creating a ridged pattern on the purl or wrong side of the work.