What Are Some Knitting Patterns for Slipper Socks?

What Are Some Knitting Patterns for Slipper Socks?

Knitting on the Net, Straw.com and Simplicity.com have slipper sock patterns available for free download. Slipper sock patterns can also be found on the Lion Brand Yarn website, however a free account is required in order to view them. Ravelry.com has a slipper sock pattern available as a paid download.

Knitting on the Net's pattern is for a simple style of slipper sock that features a novelty trim around the top of the heel. This pattern is closer to a traditional sock style and features a different color on the toe and heel.

Straw.com's free pattern is also for a simple style slipper sock, however theirs is lightly felted for a different look. Once the knitting is completed, the slipper socks should be washed in a warm wash along with jeans or towels to create the felting effect. These slipper socks are made using the twined knitting technique with Taos yarn.

Simplicity.com's pattern is for a Nordic style slipper sock that features stripes and a flower pattern. This is a more complex design that requires four colors of yarn.

For a more advanced knitter, the pattern for a knitted Converse Chuck Taylor-style slipper sock is available to purchase from Ravelry.com. This is a unisex-style sock that the creator rates as medium difficulty. The pattern is available in U.S. sizes 6 to 11.