How Do You Knit Using the Magic Loop Technique?


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To knit using the magic loop technique, cast and arrange the stitches towards the center of a circular knitting needle, fold the cable of the needle to divide the stitches equally on its either sides and slide the respective needles into the stitches. Then work the stitches as required.

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A circular needle is used when knitting using the magic loop technique since its flexible cable allows the creation of a circular tube with a single needle. In this technique, work the divided halves of the cast stitches using the two needles.

To do this, arrange the two needles so that they are parallel with their tips pointing to the right. The working yarn should hang from the back needle. Next, push the stitches on the back needle so that they go back onto the cable. Use this needle to work the stitches on the needle in the front. Take care not to twist the stitches. After working the stitches, slide the two halves of the stitches onto their respective needles.

Repeat this process until a tube of the desired size is created. A new round is begun when the yarn tail hangs towards the right side of the stitches that have the working yarn. It requires several rounds of knitting for the tube being created to become obvious.

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