How Do You Knit Sweaters for Small Dogs?


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To knit a sweater for a small dog, measure the animal's back, hind, front, neck and front leg circumference; cast the required number of stitches on the needle; and use a combination of knit, purl and stockinette stitches to make the sweater. Finally, stitch the piece to form a cylinder.

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To take the dog's back measurement, measure from the neck's base to the point where the hind legs begin. Measure the body circumference behind and in front of the front and hind legs, respectively. Similarly, measure the circumference of both the front legs and neck. Also, measure the point from where the collar starts to the front legs.

Using a bulky yarn, knit a small swatch, wash it, and then check its stitch-to-inch gauge. This indicates the number of stitches to be cast for a sweater of the required size. Cast the required stitches on the needle.

To make the collar, alternate two each of knit and purl stitches to the end of the row. Repeat for three more rows. Then, use stockinette stitches to knit the neck portion of the sweater. Increase the pattern size gradually when knitting from the neck to the holes for the front legs.

Using stockinette stitches, knit holes for the front legs as per the relevant measurements. Now, make the body of the sweater as per the body circumference measurements. Decrease or increase the pattern size as required.

Next, bind off the pattern. The pattern should be rectangular with two holes toward the top side. Stitch the edges of the rectangle using thread and needle to form a cylinder. Ensure the holes for the legs and collar fit the dog loosely.

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